What to Bring and Know: Los Andes Mountains Chile 2017


 Los Andes Mountains

What to Bring

Guidelines for the Shamanic Journey to Los Andes Mountains

1.         Supply your own tent, sleeping bag, small pillow (optional) and self-inflating mat   

2.         Please bring horseback riding gloves

3.         Alforjas (saddlebags) to carry personal items will be provided, therefore, backpacks are not necessary for the journey to Los Andes Mountains

4.         Do not over pack; clothes are very cheap and easier to buy there as you go


What to Know


•Shared room occupancy at Hacienda San Rafael

•2 and 3 people to one tent at Los Andes Mountains

•All foods included from day 1 to day 10

•Mules will transport all your gear during the horseback riding

•Porters will help you during the trip and our stay in the mountains

•A cook will accompany us during our stay in the Cordillera of the Andes

•Individual tableware

•Guides: Arrieros and Healers

•Transport from San Rafael to Los Andes Mountains round trip



•International flight to Santiago, Chile

•International airport taxes

•Individual sleeping bag, gear (pillow & self-inflating mat), tent, waterproof poncho with hood and horseback riding gloves



Ž Hiking boots (a must)

Ž Wool socks, 2 pairs (you can buy at Santiago)

 Long underwear – synthetic, silk or wool (no cotton)


Ž Down vest if you have one (can also use as pillow)

Ž Warm jacket and/or down vest with layers of sweaters / or a Chilean wool Poncho (you   can buy at Santiago)

 Sun hat (ball cap), warm hat (you can buy at Santiago) great for sleeping to keep head warm

 Waterproof poncho with hood

 Los Andes Mountains


Ž Bathing suit for hot springs

Ž Shorts optional

Ž Slip on sandals or shoes

Ž Warm, light jacket or fleece sweat shirt



Ž Camera


Ž Lip balm

Ž Personal hygiene items

Ž Sunglasses

Ž Sleeping bag, tent, small pillow (optional) and self-inflating mat 

 Horseback riding gloves

Ž DiaryŽ

 1 towel

Ž Water bottle

 Headlamp or torch

Ž A copy of your passport and flight reservation

Ž Passport

ŽLos Andes Mountains

Los Andes Mountains, February 2013 (157)




1) Weather: colder in the mornings and evenings and warmer in day. Temperature will range from 1-35 Celsius degrees.

   Remember: We will be in Los Andes Mountains at 3.000 m altitude

2) Pack and dress accordingly. Bring clothes that you can layer.

3) You will be able to buy beautiful wool sweaters, socks and ponchos so do not over pack  with bulk items best to buy when in Santiago before we go to the Shamanic Journey to Los Andes Mountains.

4) Currency: 1 Australian Dollar = 680 Chilean Peso (October 2016).

     Please be aware of the currency as it can change. To be updated before departure.