Our therapeutic base is the Sintergetica Medicine.

Sintergetica is the synthesis of occidental (material), chinese (energetic), homeopathic (energetic, informational), ayurvedic (informational), acupuncture, floral therapy, sacred geometry, herbaria medicine, homeopathic, ancestral and shamanic medicine, and others medicine forms.

The combination of matter, energy and information encompasses consciousness and hence Sintergetica is best described as consciousness medicine.

Sintergetica Medicine is a conception of life and at the same time a medical system, that works with different disciplines and philosophies of health, in collaborative form and in harmony among themselves, with the purpose that the patient, that is in that instance of learning, called illness, finds the keys that will allow him to be connected with his soul, and from his soul, generate the restorative and healing processes that his body requires.

Sintergetica therapies are designed to bring about simultaneous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes.
We offer an inspirational, professional and heart connected space where a variety of holistic, healing or conscious awareness activities including workshops, weekly classes, shamanic drumming and full moon gatherings are held.