Full Moon Ceremonies

We invite you to join us on at Manos Healing Centre for this month’s Full Moon gathering.

When we come together we create a Soul group that is in direct synchronicity with the Universal cosmic flow.

These gatherings are held with the intention to place ourselves at service together with other groups all around the world to assist all as one,  in one of the month’s most shifting, integrating and transmutating day; the full moon, this is a time of  high energy renewal for our planet and society and when we come together we create a soul group that is in direct synchronicity with the cosmic energy flow, we allow our being to be it’s essence; to heal, to play, to sing and dance to the beat of the drums, to send love into the world and to be part of  the solution to live in awareness, knowing who we are.

Please confirm your presence and feel free to extend this invitation to everyone.

We invite those that cant attend to assist in that day’s energetic renewal.

We will provide 10 shamanic drums and ask you to  please bring flowers or crystals or any energy you would like to place at the centre of the circle.


Bookings essential:

Violeta: 0414 654 961     Daniela: 0410 804 840

[email protected]




Es la primera vez que asisto a una experiencia de este tipo, tal vez sea una ceremonia chamánica, o tal vez una reunión con la vida, en un modo al que no accedemos de forma ordinaria; me resulta difícil etiquetar esta experiencia, en cualquier caso no me hace falta hacerlo.

Me sentía extraño al principio, hasta que he conectado, hasta que me he dejado llevar, me he permitido sentir, jugar y …voilà : “inmerso en una percepción lúcida, tomando contacto con información que parecía olvidada, pero alcanzo a comprender ahora que más que olvidada fue incorrecta e incompletamente archivada, y esta nueva conexión me llena de una claridad que precede a la liberación, el agradecimiento y finalmente la plenitud. Después me recuerdo que sencillo es vivir y cuan complicado lo hacemos a veces.

Parece como si la vibración del tambor, tanto como la voz, se convirtieran en agua de manantial, que riega y nutre las raíces más profundas.



Earth’s Gratitude Ceremony

Celebration in honour of Pachamama, Mother Earth

Every last Sunday of each month

Next Ceremony: To be announced

Manos Healing Centre

‘Join us to walk a Sacred Geometry Labyrinth (as we did last December in Los Andes Sacred Mountains)’

Donation: $20 for LOVINGLY EXPANDING THE HORIZONS OF SERVICE: Sponsorship & Donations

Bookings essential:

Daniel Blazquez at [email protected] or 0406 604 462

Violeta: 0414 654 961

[email protected]





Los Andes Mountains Labyrinth, Chile November 2011

The Labyrinth (sevenfold labyrinth) as a movement of Life-Force Energy:

There are seven regions in it, which relates to the torus and to the beating of the human heart.

When you walk through it, you are forced to move through different states of consciousness, giving you a very specific experience.

It causes the life-force energy to move through the chakras in the following pattern: three, two, one, four, seven, six, five.

The energy starts in the third chakra, then goes to the second, then to the first; then it jumps up to the heart (fourth), then into the center of the head to the pineal gland (seventh), then to the front of the head to the pituitary gland (sixth), and then down into the throat (fifth).

When you walk this labyrinth, you will automatically move through these changes. Even if you don’t know about these things, you will go through the experiences anyway.

These labyrinths can be built with different materials for a temporary or permanent purpose, MHC has built them as required depending on the event aiming to gather donations to build and maintain a sacred place in Los Andes Mountains (Chile) for Spiritual and Personal Growth, to delve into nature; nurture your soul, experience wholeness and serve humanity. 

More information, please contact: Daniel Blazquez at [email protected] or 0406 604 462