Energy Healing – Group Session


Sintergetica Group Healing Session

Every Wednesday

2013 Chapel by the Sea

Every Wednesday  from 18:30 to 21:00 pm we have Group Healing Sessions

Place: Manos Healing Centre, 91 BOTANY STREET, RANDWICK.

SINTERGETICA MEDICINE: Is a proposal integrative medical, preventive and curative based on the development of the consciousness of the patients and their learning processes in the disease.

Sintergetica is the evolution of conventional medicine, integrating the soul and energetic modalities to Orthodox medicine, allowing the healing of any dis-ease including terminal cancer and nowadays it is practiced in various hospitals in southamerica where you can choose to treat your illness with doctors or therapists trained in this modality without the use of surgical procedures/interventions or synthetic medicine like antibiotics, Sintergetica is a consciousness movement and a huge step for humanity on regaining their natural life and ability to understand why we experience sickness. We are one x

The group healing sessions are held by sintergetica practitioners and people that want to participate in the process of giving love and light to a brother/sister going through an  instance of  learning, manifested by a physical, emotional and/or mental dis-ease. These are also a  good opportunity for you to come and experience this holistic/integrative medicine that is Sintergetica.

Information & Bookings:


Patients: $40 (for a Group Healing Session, $25 for members )

Healers & Participants: $10

Manos Healing Centre: 91 BOTANY STREET, RANDWICK

Please book in advance

9661 5046     Violeta: 0414 654 961     Daniela: 0410 804 840     Andrea: 0438 406 231     Daniel: 0406 604 462

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