Andino Shamanic Drums









 14 inches: AU$500

15 inches: AU$590

17 inches: AU$680

Contact: Daniel Blazquez  Phone 0406 604 462    9340 7293

[email protected]


To be able to expand the horizons of the Service of Sintergetica Medicine, is necessary a financial  support; the funds are used to sustain the actions that are being developed for the Volunteers Service Group, fundamentally for continuing to carry out the Thursday’s Group Healing sessions, the Local Healing Gatherings directly to the Community (going to places that are in need of human light, love and service such as public hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions, prisons, small villages and any place where spiritual healing is necessary), diffusion and teaching, and to maintain a place to serve the Community.

Account Name: Manos Healing Centre Incorporated

      BSB: 062-198     Account No: 1074 7882