OJO Clothing


“OJO Clothing” Is a clothing label that is inspired by Australian artists, musicians, skaters and snowboarders. All artwork is original and each artist that features in the range will receive commissions on the sales of their work, a unique concept in Australian fashion.

“OJO” means “eye” in Spanish coming from the ideology of us all being  as one and connected with the third eye – thus sharing our respective passions and love of art, music and skating and surfing.

OJO Clothing is unique in that we source creative ideas from talented artists and musicians that are part of the skateboard and surfing scenes. These artists and musicians are recognised around the globe.

Gonzalo Blazquez

Ph: 0450 297 360

Email: [email protected]

OJO Business Cards


To be able to expand the horizons of the Service of Sintergetica Medicine, is necessary a financial  support; the funds are used to sustain the actions that are being developed for the Volunteers Service Group, fundamentally for continuing to carry out the Thursday’s Group Healing sessions, the Local Healing Gatherings directly to the Community (going to places that are in need of human light, love and service such as public hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions, prisons, small villages and any place where spiritual healing is necessary), diffusion and teaching, and to maintain a place to serve the Community.