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What is Pedagooogy 3000 TM?

Pedagooogy 3000 is a synergy that focuses on the child of today and of tomorrow, with its changes, its specific needs and its new ways of learning and being. Pedagooogy 3000 is constantly looking for teaching tools aiming at babies, children, youth, parents and teachers’ well-being, integral development and emotional harmony. Pedagooogy 3000 is flexible and based on the new paradigms of the Third Millennium. It adapts to each specific social, cultural, economic and ecological environment.

Pedagooogy 3000 is an expanding pedagogy that is evolving as we enter further the Third Millennium. More than a new theory or a new pedagogical procedure or any fixed model of learning, it is a constant ‘openness’ to understand and address the needs of the Third Millennium children who are of course quite different from the previous generations and will continue to change, it seems, quickly. In other words, Pedagooogy 3000 is an attitude that translates into an understanding-action in constant growth and motion.

Inclusive by nature, Pedagooogy 3000 proposes to combine and empower the best of the methodologies, procedures and past teaching techniques, including the most ancient, the present and the ones in progress.

We promote in synergy the comprehensive development of man, re-creating education at various levels according to the paradigms of the Third Millennium. From the field of education, we aim to help the co-creation of a new humanity who lives in conscience, freedom, joy and harmony. We promote and implement worldwide a Holistic Education, designed according to the needs and new features of today’s children. We understand education as an integral “reconnection process” which generates a higher consciousness.

Our goal is to substantially improve the educational system in general, the personal and group development, and the well-being of each human being and of the new emerging society.


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Pedagogy 3000 Education for the 3rd Millennium Children: A practical guide for teaching staff, parents and oneself


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