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Sintergetica is the synthesis of occidental (material), chinese (energetic), homeopathic (energetic, informational), ayurvedic (informational), acupuncture, floral therapy, sacred geometry, herbaria medicine, ancestral and shamanic medicine, and others medicine forms.

The combination of matter, energy and information encompasses consciousness and hence Sintergetica is best described as consciousness medicine.

Sintergetica therapies are designed to bring about simultaneous physical, etheric, astral and mental changes.

Act Locally, think globally, feel totally.

Sintergetica Medicine is a conception of life and at the same time a medical system, that works with different disciplines and philosophies of health, in collaborative form and in harmony among itself, with the purpose that the patient, that is in that instance of learning, called illness, find the keys that permit him to be connected with his soul, and from his soul, generate the restorative and healing processes that his body requires.

It consists of seeking the best of many paradigms of health, to offer them to the patient through any of those techniques, so that he manages to elevate his eyes to his soul, understanding that it is there where the deepest source of the sanation resides.

The idea is to manage to find, through the art, whatever it may be, called acupuncture, floral therapy, sacred geometry, herbal medicine, homeopathic, chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine ancestral and shamanic medicine, occidental medicine, etc., the resonators for the person that is in an instance of learning, called illness, find keys that permit him to be connected with his soul, and from his soul to generate the restorative and healing processes.

“The sacred traditions of all the cultures, transmitted by wise men who had not dissociated between daily routine from the sacred, they considered the existence of subtle energies whose blockade could be cause of illness. Since its vision, by removing the blockades and to restore the harmony of the subtle energy fields, the health can be restored”.

Your Spiritual Bodies

Just as the physical world is a small place compared to whole the universe, so too is the physical body only one small part of our whole self. We have many non-physical bodies. You’ve probably heard of an astral, mental and etheric bodies – you use these every night in your dreams. But, really there are many more. If even one of these bodies is out of balance your aura will not be whole and you will be weak.

How to heal with Energy

An explosion of people pursuing Reiki, Chi Kung and therapeutic touch has put energy healing in the lime-light. Yes, anyone can heal with energy. What nurses have known for years (and many western trained doctors unfortunately avoid) is really as natural as a mother cuddling her sick baby or you palming your forehead after you’ve just found the corner of the kitchen cabinet. Violeta will introduce you to practices that will take energy healing to the next level and help you incorporate simple techniques to bring healing energy into your everyday life.

Who should attend a Energetic Healing Session?

Anyone may benefit from this energetic healing, but if you have a existing condition that has been written off by western medicine you are good candidate. Since, most medical treatment involves treating symptoms without much emphasis placed on the cause, you’ll have to be open to illnesses being connected to your karma or lessons in this or previous life-times. A family curse can be handed down 7 generations and it’s not very likely to show up on any modern x-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Computed Tomography Imaging scans.


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Counselling in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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Cost: $140     Members: $70

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