Manos Healing Centre – Australian Charity

MHC Charity Certificate

Aged persons 


Ethnic groups 


General community in Australia 


Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers 

People with chronic illness 

People with Disabilities 

Veterans or their families 





This organization seeks to educate and expand the practice of Sintergetica Medicine, which derives from the knowledge of the soul and which is designed to evolve human consciousness. We expect to train and consolidate a group of practitioners who will serve humanity with this healing work.

Our purpose is to attend patients under emotional or physical distress and potential or effective social risks like, drug addiction, sexual abuse victims, cancer patients and orphans.

We believe that with this approach, people will be able to address depression, isolation and panic attacks, helping them to restore family’s relationships and vitality.




Establishing training courses for Sintergetica Medicine:

Training in Complementary Medicines through the Sintergetica Integral Vision.

Sintergetica is an integral therapeutic approach that fuses medical traditional views with western medicine from a systemic vision, integrating its language and practice in a coherent and unified model.

In synthesis Sintergetica is a therapeutic integral proposal that, from a new vision of life, health, illness and the human being, proposes a new reading code of the clinical pathology, a new doctor – patient relationship model, a new non-invasive therapeutic methodology.

Holding healing sessions on Thursdays to help people in need:

Every Thursday we create a space for Sintergetica students to practice the knowledge of healing. The patients are people under emotional and/or physical conflicts ideally under social risk like drugs addiction, sexual abuse victims, cancer patients and orphans among other people in need.

Helping the community through Local Healing Gatherings:

In a joy and peaceful environment being in touch with the nature we offer to all the community open ceremonies in which we teach how to create a spiritual connection based in respect with the Australian ancestors (aboriginals) and their land.

Diffusion of Sintergetica Medicine to inform the society about its benefits:

Attend Community Centres to inform about self-healing and useful tools to face diary conflicts of Australian society as depression, isolation and panic attacks among others. Through this, we share our knowledge with the society giving the people awareness of Sintergetica benefits and inviting them to be part of our Centre.

Lectures for personal development:

Organise a weekly lecture focused on interactive learning through Sintergetica Medicine documents, generating collective discussions in order to exchange ideas and experiences.

Improvement of Relationships:

Help the community restoring healthy family relationships, the environment and ancestrality, as a healing pathway to the recovery of our vitality.

To promote a Holistic Education, in freedom, joy, respect and harmony, that will allow a higher awareness worldwide:

Pedagogy 3000 is an educational tool aimed at a whole human being from a practical approach, generating a new pedagogical consciousness for the third millennium. It is based on the current needs of children and young people today, focused on the new paradigms of the third millennium and what the future society requires. It encourages holistic educational processes in all its dimensions, as well as an integral development of the    human being and society.

Support “Manos de San Rafael” Project:

Support the “Manos de San Rafael” project providing our facilities for different activities allowing them to raise funds to help people in need in South America.



Serve the Australian community with integrity and coherency to think, act and feel in the same direction, manifesting healthy family relations.

Our values draw from the experience of the will, the development of the clarity to discern, to love and to feel compassion and the adaptation or active intelligence to act.

“All human beings can become healers and educators”



Solidarity, the eternal birthing of humanity into the sharing of seeing, hearing and speaking with clarity.

To serve is to live. Serve is the meaning of the life. Art, science and philosophy united in the communion of man with his nature.