Dance Biography


‘When you dance in life everything is possible because you will recall how to dance your way through change and then every movement becomes a natural transformation’

‘My tribe dances through the universe creating magical vortex of light allowing creation, manifesting the divine’

Daniela Soledad

Daniela was first introduced to dance at the age of 5 when she took her first Tap and Flamenco lessons in Sydney. She soon began performing with her Flamenco School.

Daniela continued her Training in Chile with a well-known Spanish Dance Academy in Santiago where she performed Traditional Spanish Dances.

She was 13 when she discovered Belly Dance and different Earthly Rhythms, including Samba, Afro and Gypsy Dance. She then trained in Traditional Belly Dance and engaged in diverse Dancing Activities which included innovative ad and fresh Latin Dance styles such as Latin street funk and Reggaeton.

Daniela has been teaching and performing original choreographies since 16 years of age, she combines tribal belly dance, gypsy flamenco and South American dance styles.

Since moving back to Sydney in 2008, Daniela has been teaching and performing in different venues around Sydney and collaborated with distinguished Local Dance companies such as ‘Dance Central’.

She has trained with Susanne Richter, Vonika Leslinky and Marina Tamayo amongst other local and international dance teachers.

Events include Womens circles at Manos Healing Centre, Cultural Festivals such as Bondi’s southamerican festival,  the  Latin-American film festival and the mind, body spirit festival to name a couple.

Daniela’s experience of dance has always been spiritual, holistic and intuitive knowing that dance can heal and therefore she has participated in a number of Cultural events as a volunteer artist, such as the Sintergetica Congress for Integrated Health in Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

Since 2009 Daniela has been leading workshops about ‘Intuitive and holistic dancing’ combining dance styles like Tribal belly dancing, Samba, Contemporary Afro, Latin dance, flamenco, chakra dance and biodanza.

as an Artist Daniela is also a singer songwriter, plays the guitar, crystal bowls and shamanic drums.







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