Daniela Soledad


Lightworker, Shamanic Healer, Intuitive vocalist, Soul centred counsellor and Tribal dancer.

‘Beautiful Brothers and Sisters, I honour you and your ancestors, I respect and love your Divine self, we are all one’

My purpose in this Life is to enjoy life, giving meaning to life through my original spontaneous creative self, allowing my days to become the ritual, the prayer and the ceremony, making daily living a sacred experience. to continue to learn, grow and remember who I am, to expand the light, serve Humanity and all living beings through Healing and love from within, to explore this unique amazing world with my family as we open and connect more places/spaces for healing and light.

I have been Healing from an early age as my Beautiful Shaman Mother has always encouraged me to connect to Pachamama and spiritual Healing through the Shaman’s way including sound healing with Shamanic drumming and intuitive vocalisation.

A very important part of my self is dedicated to Dance and Singing. since I was 7 years old I began classical dance and as I grew up I integrated different dance styles like Tribal belly dance, Gypsy Flamenco and Latin dance styles like Reggaeton and Samba which have taken me to develop dance workshops for ascending the Kundalini energy, the alignment of our Chakras and mainly for unfolding the Goddess we all have within, both men and women.

Intuitive vocalization and tribal chanting have always been present in my life as I constantly participated in my Mother’s Shamanic Gatherings were I would listen to her drumming and wise women and men chanting and intuitively singing tribal songs which I believe is a very important aspect for co-creating our reality; using our voice (5th chakra) to sing, speak what ever it is we want to create.

As I grew older I was introduced to Sintergetica; Integrative Holistic Medicine born in Colombia with Dr. Jorge Carvajal which utilises therapeutic approaches from Orthodox, Chinese and Ayurveda Medicines and is currently a powerful tool for healing Cancer.

I have also studied a range of different holistic modalities including Colour therapy, Magnet therapy, Chakra alignment, Kundalini ascension, Reactivation of the Immune system, Reflexology , family Constellation (Holy Triad), the 7 rays, Pineal gland reactivation and Sacred geometry.

With time I have developed my own style of healing for any dis-ease; Physical, Emotional or mental, as they are all connected.

I connect myself, Heart, Mind and Soul to the source of light and to the earth’s core and from here I begin the healing process which allows me to see/connect with the person’s soul and find out which are the tools that will benefit the most my brother/sister for the particular instance of learning that they find themselves in (as illness/disease is a process of learning, a Teacher)

My Intention is to allow the brother/sister seeking healing to reactivate their self- healing knowledge and to provide assistance as they learn from their own healing process. Why am I sick? What is my body trying to tell me? What can I learn from this? This is so that they can have a happier life, with more peace, love, joy, consciousness and abundance in all aspects.

I only work with the highest energies of light which Include all the ascended Masters and guides amongst them Jesus, St Germain, Buddha, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kuan Yin, The Archangel, goddesses, spiritual beings of the earth and elementals. In all my healings I will ask for the assistance of the Ancestral Indigenous people of your linage and this earth, honouring the Aboriginal people and all native tribes of this Planet.

I have a deep connexion with the beings of light from Sirius and the Pleiades as they are our brothers and only which us to be happy and free.

I have worked in Southamerica giving free healing service through the ‘healing caravans for life’ an aspect of Sintergetica Medicine which aims to gather as many people as possible each year to give healing for free in different countries; we go to Hospital, Jails, Juvenile Centres and disadvantaged cities where the health system is very limited and offer Healing services for everyone.

My particular work as been focused in Brazil, Australia and Chile for which I do healings in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

I offer private sessions for one person, a family or a couple. I also offer healings for places, homes and I can travel if necessary.

With my mother we both run weekly Sintergetica classes (Spanish or English) Group healing sessions (every Thursday) and monthly a Full Moon gathering and a Women’s Circle (www.sintergetica.com.au)

I know that Healing has always been present in this reality and kept alive by all Indigenous native people of the world, it is a Divine act that is natural to all living beings and as easy to do as breathing in and out. we can all heal ourselves, brothers and sisters, our society and this world, understanding that we live in a Reality of Duality but we do not have to live with illness, pain or fear.  healing is love, light, freedom, peace, abundance and joy.

Mitakuye Oyasin, with all our relations

TA ÑI PIUKE MEU MULEIMI (Yo los quiero mucho y estan en mi Corazon)

With love, peace and Unity,

we are one with the creator.


Daniela Sol-edad

[email protected]

Daniela Soledad Blazquez