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Pranalife Line: Dietary Supplements-Energy Centers Harmonizer

Holoram Line: Dietary Supplements-Bioregulators

Cosmoetica Line: Natural Cosmetics

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What is Equisalud?

Equisalud is a leading laboratory in holistic phytotherapy and nutritional supplements. Headquartered in Huarte, Pamplona (Spain), the company was founded in 1989 by pharmacist/biologist Antonio Vega. Since its inception, Equisalud has developed a work method based on respect for nature, the study of the active ingredients present in plants, and on careful attention to quality control.

Quality control begins from the moment the raw materials reach the laboratory with the object being to guarantee that the extracts to be used in each product have the greatest efficacy possible. Analyses of ash and humidity, high pressure liquid chromatography and microbiology form part of the daily protocol at Equisalud. Similar controls are carried out on the final product, which are subjected to quarantine and to diverse sample analyses to ensure quality.

Throughout the production process, good manufacturing practices (GMP) are carefully followed, with specific controls being taken at critical steps along the manufacturing process. Our laboratory is equipped with pressure and filtration mechanisms which impede the introduction of molds and contaminated air. Testing to confirm asepsis is carried out various times daily. In this way, Equisalud guarantees that its products contain only the best that nature has to offer.

Key differences between Equisalud and its competitors

  • Maceration in Alcohol. At Equisalud, the extraction of active ingredients is carried out through the process of soaking in alcohol. The process is slow, complicated, and expensive, but it is the best way to safeguard the beneficial properties of the plants. Equisalud uses only alcohol, as compared to others who often use other substances, such as glycerines or propylene glycol, which are faster and cheaper to use but are less efficient in terms of extraction and preservation of the active ingredients.
  • Spagyric Method. Equisalud extracts the most beneficial active ingredients from the plants and then reformulates them in order to strengthen their beneficial properties. This methodology is highly respectful of nature and the final product is completely bioavailable to our bodies. This process is based on the spagyric method, a method used by the alchemists in the 15th century but since has been improved and perfected through advances in laboratory processes and equipment.
  • The Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Equisalud has a line of products inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and adapted to the plants readily available in the West. To formulate these products, our laboratory worked with multidisciplinary teams which included therapists and specialists in Chinese phytotherapy. The result is a line of products that bring together the timeless wisdom of oriental medicine and the most up-to-date concepts in the field of holistic medicine.
  • Phytovibrational Extracts.We work with the latest advances in science and have developed a number of products based on the different vibrational states of plant molecules. The end result is a product that therapeutically influences the various structures of the human being at the health-illness level and from a psycho-physical perspective.

Currently, Equisalud has a vademecum of approximately 200 products distributed along different lines, in different formats: liquid extracts, cosmetics and herbal teas which are the products of ecological agriculture. The ultimate goal of Equisalud is to convert the beauty and strength of nature into products of health and well-being, taking utmost care to respect natural order. We carefully blend the best of nature into each and every one of our products.