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Equine Assisted Therapy Combines the Joy of Horses with Service to Others in Healing

How Horses Empower Us

Horses reflect back to us our true essence…………..and mirror the courage, serenity, commitment, inner strength and the unconditional Love needed to vibrate heaven on earth.

Working with animals as catalysts in healing, personal development and areas of  education. Just as actors play a character humans have an ego or an identity  that is an outer representation of their true Self.

When our left brain is in a Beta frequency, we are constantly “thinking” within an artificial time frame. “End time” merely means we will go back to a time where we create equally in the moment or in Alpha time.

We will still have structure but we will also have spontaneity. It does not mean an “either /or” situation but will require us to harmonise with and integrate both frequencies into one.

We will need to sort through all the available information around this event (left brain) and select only that which is right for us …………this information should also vibrate through our right brain with what we ‘know” in our hearts.

How do we learn to balance this “time” with “no-time”, to balance the left and the right brain?

We can gain information from books but this only satisfies the logical left brain.To find a balance and to satisfy the other side of the brain (and have healthy relationships with others) we must be able to “control” our mental chatter and open our right intuitive channels of emotional or gut intelligence.

Tapping into gut intelligence is not a tangible or “logical” exercise therefore we can only have a grasp of this by “experiencing” it energetically………by learning to BE in the Alpha brainwave frequency…..the natural state of the horse.

E.Q. or emotional intelligence is when we can apply our intellect successfully, when we can form harmonious relationships, feel good about ourselves and reach our potential


How Horses can help balance E.Q with I.Q.

Equine Assisted Life Coaching incorporates a method of aligning mind/body/spirit and IQ with E.Q. called Whole Body Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence relates to the 90% plus that is non-verbal communication.

The horse can act as a positive feedback mechanism (in our Life Coaching sessions) because horses have their logic (I.Q.) and their instincts (that is their E.Q. or non-verbal communication) balanced.

With an understanding of Vibrational Medicine we see another quality of the horse in that he/she vibrates at a higher frequency, a frequency that equates to a sense of serenity and calm unhurriedness.

Humans are often scattered by their emotions, which ultimately affect their self esteem, their ability to make decisions and ability to cope with life generally, whereas we see in the horse a quiet strength of mind and dogged determination…….and……….most importantly, the horse never questions who he is.

The horse has this trust and a belief in himself because unlike humans he does not have an emotional component holding him back.

The horse sees so called “negative emotions” such as anger, frustration, guilt, etc, which is held in the body’s aura as “un-expressed energy”.

We are witnessing many social problems in families, the schoolyard and the workplace brought about by poor Emotional Intelligence, where people cannot confidently express themselves and do not have the self esteem to interact with others.[email protected]

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: A specific solution for Climate Change
It’s quite common today to talk about the greenhouse effect, the diminishing ozone layer, water and air pollution, the growing desserts, nuclear accidents and other energy related problems.
The problem is, however, that we usually avoid the personal responsibility that each of us has in the matter. The ease with which we use energy often makes us forget its complexity and its political, economic and environmental implications for the country and the entire planet. One the one hand, increasing the availability of energy to satisfy the growing demand of goods and services allows countries to grow and develop their economies, thereby ensuring a better standard of living for their people. At the same time, this increase in energy demand brings with it increasing environmental problems derived from the generation, distribution and use of this vital element.
Our challenge is to balance the different determining forces of our energy system to ensure that the energy of the future is sustainable and able to supply the increasing demand resulting from economic growth while still caring for the environment at the same time. This is the only way we can reconcile the undeniable right to live in a healthy and pollution-free environment on the one hand, and not restrain the reasonable desire for progress and a better national standard of living on the other. Energy efficiency emerges as a specific solution for the nation: Improve industrial competition to increase processing efficiency, reduce current rates of energy consumption, and increase savings and decrease production costs.
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Green Building Construction

The main objective of green building construction is:

-To design and build a more comfortable home or building that has less impact on the environment, a home or building that will also be more economical to run, healthier to live in and adaptable to your changing needs

  • Building a home using good design principles save energy, water and money, while creating a more enjoyable and comfortable home.

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Symphony of Science

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Symphony of Science: “The Quantum World”  – Sinfonía de la Ciencia: “El Mundo Cuántico” (Subtitulado al español)

Symphony of Science: “An Ode to the Brain” – “Sinfonía de la Ciencia: “Una Oda al Cerebro” (Subtitulado al español)

Symphony of Science: “A Glorious Sunrise” – Sinfonia de la Ciencia: “Un Amanecer Glorioso” (Subtitulado al español)

Symphony of Science: “The Biggest Spectacle on Earth” – Sinfonia de la Ciencia: “El Mayor Espectaculo Sobre la Tierra” (Subtitulado al español)