Healing Caravan: Peace and other view of Health


By Estefani Carrasco

Estefani.carrasco @estrellaarica.cl

Doctors from different parts of the world visiting Arica, Putre, Codpa, and Azapa and Lluta Valleys in the North of Chile.

“Soul Energies” was the way Sintergetica Medicine introduce service to the community, to explain to the people how to understand their health and was for free for them.

The Caravan is a healing service, 2014 was their 8th version.

Doctors, Therapist, Teachers, and Volunteers were sent to the more isolate areas around the city of Arica in the North of Chile where the people had limited access to health services. The aim, was for the people to be served by a strong group of healers.

Carolina Gallardo a patient in the hospital was told about Sintergetica’s Caravan. She immediately put her name down on a list to be healed. She said “I wanted more that physical help, my sickness was causing too much inner negativity so I was hoping the Caravan could provide me with spiritual and guidance”

Also Kenia Becerra said in her testimony “My mind has been controlling my life so I wanted to be with a group of people who have been trained to heal. Now I have faith to face my future with more confidence”

Hugo Gil also noted that this activity took him by surprise he was coming to hospital for another reason, “I arrived with open mind, I came into a charming group of healers. Now I am expecting good results. I’m feeling much more comfortable about myself, It’s hard to put into words how much inner peace I am feeling”

Dra Patricia Lamas said :”You can feel the love, people who now feel close to you and make your problems theirs. It was interesting to be part of this experience. This complementary medicine is important for the patients but each person must want to be healed”

Photo: Through the hands the energy is flowing and focused on the patient.

Translated by Andrea Yanez & Marunta


Through the hands the energy is flowing and focused on the patient

Through the hands the energy is flowing and focused on the patient