International Healing Gatherings


Delve into nature; nurture your soul, experience wholeness and serve humanity

If you wish to nurture your soul and serve humanity join Sintergetica Medicine in Australia and become one of the dedicated and passionate group of volunteers going to places that are in need of human light, love and service such as public hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions, prisons, small villages and any place where healing is necessary.

Each year this network of love and healing is expanding throughout the world. In 2006 they left to go to the south of Chile (250 persons), moving throughout Latin America, to the north of Chile, Peru (2007), Ecuador (2008), Spain (2008, 350 persons), Colombia (2009, 400 persons), Ethiopia (2009), Argentina (2010, 100 persons), Chile (2010, 200 persons), Chile (2011, 150 persons) , Chile (2013, 250 persons), Chile (2014, 250 persons), the next Healing Gathering will be in Argentina (2016).


The intention of these gatherings is to go to countries that are in need of human light, love and service. We travel to public hospitals, mental institutions, prisons, small villages and any place that spiritual healing is necessary (for example, where there has been death). We also immerse ourselves in the country’s culture, visiting sacred places to experience their traditions.

Check (and share!) the following presentations from our International Healing Gatherings for Life:

Chile 2014: International Healing Gathering, Chile 2014

Chile 2013:


Chile 2011: International Healing Gathering, Chile 2011



Argentina 2010: International Healing Gathering, Argentina 2010

Colombia 2009: International Healing Gathering, Colombia 2009

Spain 2008: International Healing Gathering, Spain 2008

Ecuador 2008: International Healing Gathering, Ecuador 2008

Chile 2006: International Healing Gathering, Chile 2006