Sintergetica Medicine Testimonials


These testimonials are unedited except for the name of the sender. They contain the senders’ initials or first name only for privacy purposes.


“Every day I thank God and my friend Andrea for placing Violeta in our lives. The deep connection I experienced from the beginning with Violeta is extraordinary, that feeling is also shared by my daughter who has Severe Intellectual Disabilities.
For me I’ve finally found “the” spiritual guide in Violeta that I have been seeking all my life. She is able to open my eyes to let me see how and why my life is the way it is and to accept what I can and can’t change and that I can to have a fulling a meaningful life.


A few years ago while in India an old gentleman read the palm of my hand and he predicted that by the time my daughter was around 23/24 years old, which is is now, she was going to meet somebody who was going to be of great help to her. After seeing the way Violeta interacts with my daughter who has limited speech, I was just amazed…the connection they share on a profound level is just incredible. My daughter seems calmer and more focused after the sessions with Violeta, it’s just an amazing achievement!


As I grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually with these sessions, I understand their significance more and more clearly. Taking the time and energy to heal myself, learning about and challenging my preconceptions of health & my body & beliefs, and the incredible soul-knowledge that is shared with me makes Thursday evening the most special, nourishing evening of my week.

It makes me feel powerful, grounded, connected to the earth, others, my faith and self. I feel clear, and forever grateful for receiving this ancient wisdom.


After my first healing session I felt a sense of clarity with an open heart towards life. I found that I felt energised and able to stand stronger in myself and what is happening around me. A strong connection between my mind and heart which allowed me to feel deeply and honestly.

After my second healing session the result was more physical than the prior healing. In my first healing it felt more non physical healing and felt physically stronger. My discomforts in my physical body were gone and specially in one part of my body that the healer commanded energy to disperse and my body listened and I felt it disperse giving me instant relief.

Thank you so much and I look forward to my 3rd session.

Carmen Gloria 


“Sintergetica is the most powerful and effective healing I have experience. Years of health issues and addictive behaviours such as disordered eating and smoking can be addressed in only a few healing sessions. Sintergetica is a science, proven to heal diseases such as cancer without the use of drugs, medicines or surgical intervention“.

Michelle Blackwood Manor 


What an amazing healing weekend! Thanks to Carolina for the very enjoyable Feng Shui Workshop, how crazy that just some basic changes to your home can get the energy flowing and attract people in. I’ve already started de-cluttering and placed red candles in the bathrooms to avoid my money flushing down the drain! Looking forward to the next Feng Shui Workshop, weekend of 31 Aug & 1 Sept.

Violeta’s Shamanic Journey’s Workshop was extremely powerful, the energy was electric! Thanks to all those who joined and made this a magical journey of healing and re-discovery. Violeta’s was busy the whole weekend providing Sintergetica Soul Healing, once you understand how this healing works it’s “truly amazing’, realigning you with your soul’s destiny and purpose. Carmen has stopped smoking as a result of her healing with Violeta!

The Circle of Abundance was a beautiful way to end the weekend, thank you Carolina, Violeta, Carmen, Jordan and all those who came along and made it truly special. Our next Healing Weekend is 31 Aug & 1 Sept.

With love, Michelle x

Bringing the Kundalini Energy from the Andes in Chile, Sintergetica realigns you with your Soul, life purpose. It balances the feminine and masculine energies and once realigned you will reconnect with your true self, feeling the urge to stop smoking, over eating or however else you would normally look for emotional comfort.

After last week’s healing with Violeta, Carmen and I both received many, many comments on how wonderful we looked and I feel so empowered and centered, just amazing!

Blackwood Manor Healing Centre


I would like to tell the healing experience I had a couple of weeks ago.

My mother was sick in my country, a place far away from this wonderful land. She was diagnosed with thrombosis in one of hers legs.

When I knew about my mom´s disease I felt so sad and overwhelmed.

I decided to go to the healing session and they healed my mom through my body. By then she was at the hospital, was her first day there. So I offered my body, soul and mind as channels to heal my mom.

After answer some questions the healers did to me about my ancestors we begun with the healing.

With my eyes closed and laid on the stretcher I brought my mom in soul and spirit to do the healing. There were all our ancestor´s spirits and all the other beings that needed to be there for the healing helping us in our journey to give the energy and strength  to her recovery.

I could feel their presence. They were there with us in that beautiful experience.

Is amazing how you can feel the energy in those moments. In this particular case I felt as I was not there. I felt I was taken to another place where the emotions, sensations and time were not there. I  understood I was being the channel of transport of all the energy sent to my mom.

After the healing, late at night, I called my sister and she told me how well was my mom recovering from the thrombosis. Was simply an amazing work done for all of us.

I am very grateful for all the energy that was sent to her during the healing session. I know she was here with me that day, I could feel it and that´s why now she is getting better every day.

Maria Jesus


After the first time I experienced Sintergetica Healing I entered a journey filled with light and revelation.

Sintergetica healings and classes have becomes a sacred part of my life, full of divine truth.

I feel eternally blessed to have found Sintergetica, this wonderful medicine’s principles have helped me to re-connect myself, specially in times of inner turmoil, Sintergetica has brought me closer to my family and loved ones more than I could have ever imagened. Sintergetica in combination with drumming circles has brought amazing amounts of inner peace, enlightment and love into my life.

It has been incredible to be exposed/ involved to this wonderful holistic healing and to be able to learn about it and to witness what it is capable of transforming and transmuting.

I am so grateful for all the deep and profound changes that sintergetica has brought to my heart and life.

Sending the world, inner peace and love.



My name is Natalia Ruiz. I’d meet this wonderful group of healers for just by pure casualty.  I am grateful for the healing and love I have received from this group. I have noticed and inmesed change in me.  I have lupus for 27 years.  My life has been very limited with this condition but my will to live has kept me with it for all this years.

Is three months since I have been receiving healing from the group and I have two healing sessions with Dr Santiago Cordoba (also Dr. in Sintergetica).  The changes can be described as a miracle in regards to my health and my wheel being.  The Lupus levels had dropped dramatically, the pain and the inflammation slowing have been disappearing and my will to life is reinforced every day.

From my heart, thank you to Dr. Cordoba and to Violeta and Daniela and everyone else involved in the group that is helping me to achieve something I have always dreamed of and that is to be healthy.



Me uni al grupo de Sintergetica en Septiembre de 2012. En ese tiempo estaba en una busqueda de mi misma y por sobretodo de un lugar de apoyo. El hecho de ser inmigrante y estar lejos de nuestras familias, amigos y lugares nos hace buscar a nuestra propia familia en este nuevo pedazo de tierra. Al comienzo no entendia mucho hacia donde iba todo esto, eran cosas que conocia en cierto modo pero que no estaba acostumbrada a escuchar y a sentir como parte de mi dia a dia.

Hoy para mi el grupo es algo esencial en mi crecimiento personal, en mi autoconocimiento, las experiencias de otros, las ensenanzas que cada uno entrega al grupo nutren nuestra alma, nuestros corazones, nuestra vida. Dentro de nosotros hay un mundo infinito por descubrir, un mundo infinito de cosas maravillosas que nos llevan a nuestra felicidad a traves de nuestro autoconocimiento.

Aprendemos a dar y a recibir, a llorar y reir, asi como tambien perdonar y perdonarnos y lo mas importante a vivir en el amor incondicional. Me encantaria animarlos a que probaran esta nueva experiencia.

Maria Jesus


Synchronicity brought me to see Violetta and to share a healing journey with her. The drums, her tools and healing hands took me on a beautiful journey which brought me many realizations about my family, me and life.

I gained so much from even one healing session and I felt so comfortable in Violetta’s presence; she just radiates wisdom and compassion. Just to confirm my healing experience, my parents called me at six the next morning and spontaneously shared their love with me! I knew then how strong the healing was!  Thank you again.



I have done a lot of work with many different disciplines. My first session with Sintergetica was Tarot, and it was unlike any tarot I’d done before – and I’ve done a lot. The next session was energy work, the next session was different again and required more conversation on my part. I was asked and committed to going for 6 sessions over 8 weeks and then I was told, in a very loving manner, to ‘pick up my bed and walk’ so to speak. Live my life and get on with being who I am.

Now I feel and know right action, right way, right next step. I am dreaming with clarity, making decisions with ease, recognising balance where before it was a dirty word – I was an adrenalin junkie that keep going till my body fell down in dismay. There are aspects of this work my mind does not understand and I’ve decided it does not need to. It’s only now that I attend the Thurs night sessions I realise what the difference is in me – the information I’ve gathered for so many years is now integrating on all levels. Before I knew things in my head and they were tangled. Now I have right relationship within myself and my relations with others.

I would suggest anyone drawn to this to give themselves permission to explore sintergetica. I did and I’m sooo grateful I gave myself the gift of changing to who I am now.

xx Lynn


There are moments in our lives when circumstances arise that change the very essence of who we are.  For me a healing session with Daniela Blazquez (Sintergetica Medicine Practitioner) was certainly one of them. Upon my arrival I was greeted with a hug from Violeta, Daniel and Daniela. In an instant I felt at ease by their embrace.  Daniela is an extraordinary soul who radiates love, compassion and understanding from every cell in her being. I felt as if I had known her my whole life.  She has an innate ability to listen without judgement, advise and heal.

The Alazan Horse Centre is a special place, a place filled with significant individuals and a lot of love.  During group healing sessions you can feel love emanating from every soul within the room.  The Sintergetica workshops are a great way to learn more about Sintergetica and how it works, I have been blown away by the wealth of knowlegde and wisdom that Violeta and Daniela have to offer.  I feel blessed to have met such wonderful people.

This truly is a place to come heal emotionally, mentally and physically, come and experience it for yourself.

Love and light,




There is a room. It’s a significant room. When I enter the room the stress of the day disappears. Where does this frenetic energy go? It synthesises with the other energies to produce love. In this room love is a permanent resident. It occupies all the spaces unfulfilled by the outside world. In the centre of this room is The Soul. This Soul radiates light. It is also the Bearer of Forgiveness, the Angel of Love, the Integrator and Harmoniser of Relationships, Healer of Catastrophic Events, Creator of Grace and Inspiration, the Passionate Transformer of World Darkness into Light and Love.

There are many hands in this room. Each hand is a catalyst for the transmission of healing energy. Many hands make light work is an often heralded cliche. Here in this caravan of a room many hands activate enough light to heal the troubled, the grieving, the damaged, the ailing, the confused, the fretting, the sufferers, the depressed, the unloved, the deeply hurt and abused. The room is also full of colour, the colour of the chakras. Bringing love, light and colour to each chakra is an antidote to clear the physical, spiritual and emotional blockages gathered during a life experience. It is a room full of love where no judgment or criticism inhibits the healing. Everyone participates. After each healing hugs are mandatory. To feel the depth and purity of the room’s love all I have to do is stand there. In the room is also a pulsating, resonating universal heart which is the combined heart energy of every person who walks into the space with a pure intention. The purity of this intention is reflected in amount of healing light that radiates into each organ, cell, muscle and sinew to heal them. If you want a safe place of love come to this Sintergetica room where the heart and soul of a special caravan of people will inspire and heal you.




En los últimos meses he tomado contacto con la Sintergética y sus principios a través de Violeta Araya y su grupo acá en Australia.  He tenido la oportunidad de conocer y ser atendido por el Dr. Santiago Córdoba quien me ha proporcionado las herramientas para profundizar mi conocimiento de la Sintergética y las formas de su aplicación. La labor que Violeta esta llevando a cabo en este país con su grupo asistiendo a un gran número de personas, particularmente entre la población aborigen australiana y otros sectores carenciados, es de gran valor humanitario y demuestra claramente una vocación de servicio para con los demás que despierta mi admiración.

He tomado conocimiento que en los próximos días se realizará la Caravana por la Vida que recorrerá distintos puntos de nuestro país brindando a los más necesitados una fuente de alivio y esperanza a los males que los aquejan. No me cabe duda del beneficio que recibirán de parte de los profesionales y practicantes de la Sintergética que demuestra a todas luces que estamos frente a una práctica que, al reunir distintas perspectivas tradicionales con métodos científicos modernos, integra una formidable herramienta para la curación de enfermedades y dolencias utilizando conceptos de vanguardia en la ciencia física y la psicología.

Quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para transmitirle al grupo de voluntarios que participará de la Caravana por la Vida mi agradecimiento como Argentino por la labor de servicio que llevarán a cabo entre nuestra población y manifestarles mi máximo apoyo a este emprendimiento. Espero que este reconocimiento de la labor humanitaria que realizan sea compartido por todos aquellos que puedan acceder a sus beneficios y en este sentido confío plenamente que la gente de nuestro país se hará participe y celebrará vuestra presencia allí.

Les envío un gran abrazo sintergético

Pedro Colombi


Ahora que ya esta terminado el año, siento la necesidad de comunicarme contigo, y no quise hacerlo por medio de una simple tarjeta de saludo por considerar que tu te mereces algo mucho mas que eso.

Si bien nos acercamos materialmente aunque esporadicamente a traves de emails, no es menos cierto que para mi es muy facil sentirme cerca tuyo, recordar tus luminosos ojos llenos de lagrimas que involuntariamente te causara y te he prometido repagar en alguna forma.

 Tu y tu grupo de sanacion me regalaron una existencia mas tranquila libre de traumas que ni siquiera sabia que anidaba y que afectaban negativamente algunas de mis formas de actuar y pensar.

Me es imposible mirar a mi pasado sin sentir la presencia de todos Uds, los que con su fuerza mental hicieron posible que adquiriera una vida en que la paz y el amor estan presentes mayoritariamente.

Atesoro tus recuerdos que no hacen otra cosa sino que reafirmar mi voluntad de pedirte en alguna ocasion me ayudes a ser alguien mejor y mas completo.

Entre uno de mis mediatos proyectos esta el ir a residir a Chile por algunos años y tengo programado asistir a tu taller de trabajo como paciente que busca un mentor o guia que me ayude a encontrar un camino de mayor auto conocimiento y superacion.

Pero esta carta tenia ademas el proposito de enviarte un tremendo saludo y mis permanentes deseos que no solamente estas Navidades esten para ti llenas de Amor y Paz, sino que cada uno de los dias de tu vida y que el año 2006 llegue pleno de realizaciones exitosamente completadas y repleto de fabulosas oportunidades, y que estas alcancen naturalmente no solo a ti sino que a todos tus seres queridos.

Hoy por mientras te regalo una sonrisa en la esperanza de tener la oportunidad de poner muchas otras en tu carita.