Dr. Claudio Mendez: Healing through the Soul


Through their therapies Sintergetica is looking to connect inside each person spirit and conscience.

How many time you heard that people can be healed by complementary therapies? Many? Few? None?

Just time to read about it, we can tell you that for the Doctor and President of Fundacion Pindal, Claudio Mendez it is a reality that is coming to the medicine called Sintergetica, Mendez was born in the city of Angol, he studied Medicine at University of Chile, he is 60 years old but looks young with a Child’s energy when he is about to play ball with his friends. He speaks a lot, is charming to the ladies who attend his lectures. He is the father of 4 children, is a Colo-Colo soccer team fan.

 He tells us why the Sintergetica’s soul Medicine helps people progress with their lives.

As humans we need Medicine and Surgery to feel well. We have to try to reach a deeper understanding of the illness. People feel that they are drowning when the solution is already in front of them. Traditional Medicine has to open the spectrum to new possibilities in the knowledge that even the simple tablet might provide a cure.

Mendez said “When the people have a negative mentality, are overwhelmed with their problems they become sick but you have to understand, isn’t what happened but hoe you react to it.

He explained that people have to face the problem, learn from it, and not become a victim. It is in this moment that Sintergetica can help through therapists and complementary practices connected through the spirit, positive energies, and awareness. He was emphatic that we have to look for compassion, shared with our peer in a spiritual way.

Sharing good feelings, eliminating bad energies, forgiving and learning step by step. We need to not be addicted to materialism and consumerism. We need to be relaxed and connected to Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, plus if we are unhappy with our job, relationship or absorbed by our routine the outcome a sickness of body, mind and spirit. It can be the challenge to change these habits.

12 years

The Sintergetica movement in Chile started in 2002, in Arica with the Hospital support there has already been 12 years of knowledge sharing of Sintergetica Medicine.

The benefits are organizing International conventions in Chile and Overseas. Dr Mendez said: “Our message is arriving in the same way everywhere, people is open to be part of this enriching experience which is available to everyone you only have to take the risk”.


Fundacion Pindal National and International professionals in the healing caravan have a busy agenda. They have workshops, spiritual retreats in the surrounding country areas.

Visiting Hospitals, Schools, Orphanages, Hostels for the Homeless, Disadvantaged, Nursing Homes and Jails.

The first activity was a healing session at the Juan Noe Hospital where the patients were mostly administrative staff, doctors, nurses and other people who worked in the hospital. After the healing all were very positive, relaxed and excited about the experience.


Sintergetica synthesizes Eastern and Western medicines plus the best of many traditional disciplines and ancestral wisdom for example:

  1. Shamanism (Imagination)
  2. Chinese Medicine (Energies)
  3. Reflexology
  4. Ayurveda Medicine
  5. Vibrational Therapy
  6. Biomagnetism
  7. Homeopathy
  8. Sacred Geometry

All join in the common goal to integrate the physical, mental, emotional body looking for harmony, equilibrium and improvement of the quality of health and life of each person.

Translated by Andrea Yanez & Marunta

Dr. Claudio Mendez

Dr. Claudio Mendez