Introduction to Sintergetica



Medicine of synthesis/ that synthesizes

1. It doesn’t fight disease, it creates health. 2. It changes the way we see things. 3. It is medicine with soul. 4. It goes beyond matter and the objective world. 5. It embraces the subjective world. 6. It reveals what it means to be human. 7. It goes beyond matter, energy, information and consciousness. 8. It embraces the human being as something indivisible, synchronic, and unique.

The important thing in life is quality not quantity. Sintergetica is the art of reuniting all. The brain is a tool for inventing, for creating life. Disease is a learning strategy of our conscience. It is possible for the energy of the soul to be reached for healing. To the light of the soul, everything is possible. In order to save the body, we have to save the soul. Health is an organized and ordered plan of inner harmony, the complement of opposite energies (masculine and feminine). We need reason with feeling. The universe is rational. More material density, less informational density and vice versa. Everything that exists is a ‘everything- part of’, (it’s part of something else), a context, a Holon (a Holon is a subatomic basic unit measurement of the conscience). What matters the most is the context, the meaning.

The holons have the property of the consciousness:

a. Self-identity. b. Self adaptation. c. Transmutation. d. Emergence. e. Synthesis.

a. Self-identity

– Know yourself – We are original and unique. We must not be what we aren’t meant to be. – The earth is our point of arrival and departure. – What we are not must die (the part of us that is not us has to die). – To ground ourselves is the most important thing. – Without a starting point there’s no arrival (finishing) point. – The most important thing is the first step, because you choose the direction. – The earth is responsibility. – We must recognize (acknowledge) the essential and distinguish it from the superfluous (unnecessary). – Love with responsibility = sensitivity (awareness) to our needs. – We don’t have to be perfect or better. We don’t have to compete. We are our own competition. – Our external senses take us to our inner sense. – To serve (to be at service) doesn’t mean to give things, but to give of yourself, to devote yourself. Let’s give in to life, let’s surrender to life.

b. Self adaptation

– The holons adapt to each other because they relate to each other, they ‘flow’ together. – Adaptation (adaptability) means fluidity, flexibility. – The hardness of the earth + flexibility of the water = adaptable elasticity or resilience. – Resilience is flexible and adaptable resistance. It’s our strength. – Being humble is essential to achieve wholeness. – Put your heart into everything you do and into everything you think. – Be firm (solid, stable) clear and precise but with love. – If truth doesn’t make you whole, then it’s a lie. – Real intelligence is active intelligence, in motion, adaptable. – Adaptability has 3 moments:

1) choose, decide, practice (use) your freedom (to be free). Explain yourself. 2) Adopt yourself. Involve yourself 3) Adapt yourself. Apply yourself

– Usually we don’t incarnate (to become flesh incorporate, unite, to embody) knowledge, we don’t involve ourselves. – When we incarnate knowledge, we can be transformed by it. We have to incarnate knowledge to be transformed by it.

c. Transmutation (dissolution, dissolving)

– Fire is transmutation. – Life burns down the inessential to reveal the essential in life. – Fire gives you a feeling of lightness, evaporating attachments and aversions (fear, apprehensions). – Fire elevates desires to the passionate, active aspiration, the ideal. – Gratitude is a felling that allows us to ascend and enjoy life, without resistance or fear.

d. Emergence

– We conquer the world of the superior mind and we realize that we are not what we thought we were.

e. Synthesis

– In synthesis (of everything) we discover our inner healer.