Language & Learning Spanish: Los Andes Mountains Chile


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Chileans speak Spanish with a strong accent but the language is basically the same with some different uses of words, as in Australian and American.

Anyone who has the opportunity to learn Spanish before visiting will benefit greatly from the effort and work put in. Many Chileans speak a little English, but it is rarer in the countryside or among the local people who work as guides for horse riding. Their skills lie elsewhere, but they are mostly good at non-verbal communication, coming from a background where reading and writing fluently is not the norm.


Basic phrases and words for horse riding:

Horse = Caballo

Reins= Riendas

Stirrups = Estribos

Saddle = Montura

Short = Corto/Corta

Shorten your reins = Acorta las riendas

Shorter stirrups = Estribos más cortos

Longer stirrups =Estribos más largos

Confortable? = Cómodo?

Up = Subir (as in subir a caballo: mount / subir la montaña: go up)

Down=Bajar (as in bajar del caballo: dismount / bajar la montaña: go down)

Left = Izquierda

Right = Derecha


Useful slangs to survive in Chile

Cachai? = Do you understand?

Chela = Beer

Bacan = Cool

La raja = Cool / Great

Weon = Stupid / Mate / Dude (meaning depends on context)

Wea = Stuff

Carrete = Party

Cuatico = Weird

Mula = Fake

Ni cagando = No way

Pajero = Lazy

Copete = Alcoholic drink

Piscola = Pisco + coke