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Violeta del Carmen Araya

Los Andes Mountains, February 2013 (82)

Co-creator of Manos Healing Centre, Sintergetica-Soul Medicine, Health Charity and Education Charity; the Circle of the Mountain  Dreamers (Promote the wisdom of the Indigenous Ancestors) and the Wise Women Circle: “Andiosas Marianas” in Peru, Chile, Argentina & Australia

ü  Practices group and individual sessions oriented to promote, transform and focus the energies with the purpose of harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

ü  Carrying out vibratory therapies, making people open up to their creativity and self-knowledge in order to renew their health.

ü  Her therapeutic base is the Sintergetica Medicine, Sintergetica is the synthesis of occidental (material), chinese (energetic), homeopathic (energetic, informational), ayurvedic (informational), acupuncture, floral therapy, sacred geometry, herbaria medicine, ancestral and shamanic medicine, and others medicine forms.         

            The combination of matter, energy and information encompasses consciousness and hence Sintergetica is best described as consciousness medicine. Sintergetica therapies are designed to bring about simultaneous physical, etheric, astral and mental changes.

She begins her Spiritual Studies at the age of 17; she studied Theology for Novices, Philippines Nuns, Chile. In 1991 it is certified in Career Education for Women, Blacktown College of TAFE, Sydney, Australia.

In 1993, she studied Psychology at the Academy of Christian Humanism University, Chile. In 1998 studied Healing in the Without Name Academy, Master Ivan Taborga, Chile.

In 1998 in a Spiritually Drums Ceremony receives its Shamanic Initiation, Native Center of Toronto, Canada. In 2001 it is certified in “Vibration to Vitality”, The Institute for Shamanic Psychotherapy, Toronto, Canada.

In the year 2004 in a Sintergetica Seminar dictated by Dr. Jorge Carvajal Posada, creator of the Sintergetica Medicine, is invited to present a Healing Ancestral Technical through of the Shamanic Drum Sound, Diego Portales Hall, Santiago, Chile

Between 2005 and 2012 made the Sintergetica Medicine Studies.

As part of the group of Sintergetica Medicine of Chile, directed by Dr. Claudio Méndez, participates in the practice of Sintergetica in the Integrative Medicine Unit of the San Jose Hospital and in the Children’s Cancer Treatment Unit of the Calvo Mackenna Hospital, from May 2005 until February 2007, date on which assumes a commitment to expand this Medicine of the Consciousness in Australia.

Since 2010 assumes the responsibility of being the Focal Point of Pedagooogy 3000: Education for the 3rd Millennium Children in Australia, Pedagogy 3000 is an educational tool aimed at a whole human being from a practical approach, generating a new pedagogical consciousness for the third millennium. It is based on the current needs of children and young people today, focused on the new paradigms of the third millennium and what the future society requires. It encourages holistic educational processes in all its dimensions, as well as an integral development of the human being and society.

Violeta offers an inspirational, professional and heart connected space where a variety of holistic, healing or conscious awareness activities including energy healing sessions, workshops, weekly classes, shamanic drumming and full moon gatherings are held.

  • Energy Healing – Group Session, the group healing sessions are held by sintergetica practitioners and people that want to participate in the process of giving love and light to a brother/sister going through an instance of learning, manifested by a physical, emotional and/or mental dis-ease. These are also a good opportunity for you to come and experience this holistic/integrative medicine that is Sintergetica.


  • Lectures, Monitoring in Sintergetica Medicine, lectures give an Introduction to Sintergetica, The objective of these lectures is to prepare the student for the Formation in Complementary Medicines from the Integral Vision of Sintergetica.


  • Energy Healing Private Sessions, Sintergetica Medicine is a conception of life and at the same time a medical system, that works with different disciplines and philosophies of health, in collaborative form and in harmony among itself, with the purpose that the patient, that is in that instance of learning, called illness, find the keys that permit him to be connected with his soul, and from his soul, generate the restorative and healing processes that his body requires.


  • Wise Women Circle: Andiosas Marianas, this gathering is to honour Women, expressing our Soul and Self allowing us to feel grounded and connected to the Ancestral energy through is the Shaman’s way, bringing us back into our heart manifesting healing and creative energy. Include chanting, dancing, drumming, ceremony, speaking, meditation and goddess tarots.


  • Full Moon Gathering, when we come together we create a Soul group that is in direct synchronicity with the Universal cosmic flow. These gatherings are held with the intention to place ourselves at service together with other groups all around the world to assist all as one,  in one of the month’s most shifting, integrating and trans mutating day; the full moon, this is a time of  high energy renewal for our planet and society and when we come together we create a soul group that is in direct synchronicity with the cosmic energy flow, we allow our being to be its essence; to heal, to play, to sing and dance to the beat of the drums, to send love into the world and to be part of  the solution to live in awareness, knowing who we are.


  • Psychological Tarot, to spiritually assist with Vocational guidance, Vision and life purpose, Challenging emotional decisions. Be guided to find authentic self and strength to master life conflicts with love through Channellings, Past lives, Vibrational Therapies, Shamanic Drums.


  • Shamanic Journey Workshops, through a number of shamanic ceremonies you will get the opportunity to explore some or all of the following, the choice will be yours;

                        • Healing through Sacred Drums

                        • Healing of the being through Sintergetica Medicine (soul medicine)

                        • Offering and receiving; Sacred ceremonies with Pachamama (earthmother)

                        • Opening your heart centre and expression of your 5th chakra with harmony and synchronicity.

                        • Shamanic Journey to reconnect with forgotten knowledge, animal totems and the inner shaman.

                        • Recovering our ancestral feminine wisdom, active intelligence, kundalini energy.

                        • Discover the oracle within.

  • Sound Healing with Andino Shamanic Drumming and Rain Instrument, experience profound peace, reconnect with yourself and Ancestral knowledge.


  • Shamanic Drums Workshops, shamanic practice gives you the opportunity to travel the spiritual realms. Here you will meet your totems, guardians and teachers. As your soul is not new to the earth, these practices will test you and your past life experience. You’ll make connections and receive teachings in the Lower, Middle and Higher realms. We teach many different shamanic practices that will help you discover your Key to Happiness.


  • Meditation / Rejuvenation Exercises, we’ve been practicing, teaching and recommending the Five Tibetan Energy Rejuvenation Exercises for over 10 years. You can do the whole routine in 15 minutes and only need enough floor space for your body while lying down and enough air space for your arms to be outstretched.


  • Space Healing, space Healing is particularly effective if you have moved into a new home, but feel as if you don’t quite belong there; if you want to move, but can’t find a buyer, or can’t find a the right property for yourself; if you feel you are stuck in your life and want to move on; if you are experiencing relationship difficulties; if you are expecting a new baby and want everything to be ‘just right’ for their arrival.


  • Bush Flower Essences



Daniel Blázquez

Los Andes Mountains (177)


ü  Co-creator of Manos Healing Centre, Health Charity and Education Charity and the Circle of the Mountain Dreamers


ü  Co-owner of San Rafael – Ñipas – Los Cardos – Risco Bayo, Los Andes Mountains Farms, Chile


ü  Labyrinths Builder

The Labyrinth (sevenfold labyrinth) as a movement of Life-Force Energy:

There are seven regions in it, which relates to the torus and to the beating of the human heart.

When you walk through it, you are forced to move through different states of consciousness, giving you a very specific experience.

It causes the life-force energy to move through the chakras in the following pattern: three, two, one, four, seven, six, five.

The energy starts in the third chakra, then goes to the second, then to the first; then it jumps up to the heart (fourth), then into the center of the head to the pineal gland (seventh), then to the front of the head to the pituitary gland (sixth), and then down into the throat (fifth).

When you walk this labyrinth, you will automatically move through these changes. Even if you don’t know about these things, you will go through the experiences anyway.

These labyrinths can be built with different materials for a temporary or permanent purpose, MHC has built them as required depending on the event aiming to gather donations to build and maintain a sacred place in Los Andes Mountains (Chile) for Spiritual and Personal Growth.


ü  Sacred Geometry Lectures

These Lectures give an Introduction to Sintergetica & Sacred Geometry


ü  Los Andes Mountains-Shamanic Journeys Facilitator

Journey on horseback guided by Arrieros, spending time with horses will allow you to feel in your heart the meaning of companionship, achieving mutual trust and respect through language and love.

The Shamanic Journeys through sacred ceremonies as Active Meditation with Shamanic Drums, Rites of Rejuvenation, Sacred Geometry Labyrinth Consecration, Sound Healing Circle, will allow you to: Practise the physical coordination, establish the emotional  stability and extend the coordination to the mental body, helping with this to the alignment of the bodies – physical, emotional and mental.


ü  Los Andes Horse Rescue Initiative

‘Los Andes Horse Rescue’ is an initiative aimed at saving the  horses in South America from being sold to the  slaughter houses, initially in Chile, the Maule Region, where we are running the Shamanic Journeys.

With your support we are able to assure that they will never be killed, and never return to the situation and conditions that led them to needing rescuing.

The rescued horses are then set free to live in the green fields of the Maule Region where we own a beautiful land rich in nature.

When adopting a horse or giving a donation for the rescue of a horse you will be entitled to spend time with the horse and if going on a shamanic journey in the Andes Mountain, you can take the rescued horses with you.

This horses help us to heal; spending time with horses will allow you to feel in your heart the meaning of companionship, achieving mutual trust and respect through language and love. Humans are often scattered by their emotions, which ultimately can affect their self esteem, their ability to make decisions and ability to cope with life in generally. In the horse, however, we can admire a quiet strength of mind with kind determination. He is always true to his nature, knowing he is the manifestation of the Great Spirit. (more information please follow the following link: Holistequine: Equine Assisted Therapy Combines the Joy of Horses with Service to Others in Healing.



Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile , Engineering Faculty, Santiago, Chile, 1983

Post Graduate Course in Industrial Engineering (Just in Time Production Timing, Total Quality Control, Manufacturing Resource Planning), Sydney Institute of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 1992

Post Graduate Course in Energy Efficiency, (Demand Side Management), United States Environmental Training Institute, Los Angeles, USA, 1995

Post Graduate Course in Energy Economics, Energy Supply and Demand Outlook), The Institute of Energy Economics, Tokyo, Japan, 1996

Diploma of Building and Construction, Master Builders Association, Sydney, Australia, 2012