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About Pranalife: PRANALIFE LINE: Dietary Supplements-Energy Centers Harmonizer

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Matter is condensed energy, and energy in our bodies is regulated by a system of energy centers, or chakras, which establish connections between the subtle energy levels and endocrine glands, that transmit the ordered energy program through hormone secretion poured into the bloodstream, which acts on receptors located in different systems and organs of the body.

The energy centers are nodal points. The seven primary centers are connected with twenty secondary centers representing the anchor points or energy support points.

This whole system of harmonic frequencies is precipitated in a slower vibrational pattern and ultimately condensed in the nerves, blood vessels and cell matrix. This system of correspondences establishes interdependence between inorganic and organic systems, gross and subtle energies, colors, sounds, shapes, bodies, emotions, thoughts, and more subtle order patterns or archetypes.

Each energy center resonates with a part of the spectrum which also corresponds by resonance with the endocrine gland, organs and energy nurtured systems by the same center.

Resetting the vibrational resonance energy centers and their corresponding organic systems is the goal of the Pranalife Line, a life energy harmonizing system that resonates with receiving and transmitting antennas formed by the energy centers described by the Hindu tradition.

The 3 energy lines

The possibility of modulating the information of energy centers dipoles, such as the 1-7, 2-5 and 3-4, which form a functional unit, and its integration at the level 6 center, has resulted in bioinformatics methods for the harmonization of the whole system of vital energy.

The use of plants

Equisalud’s extraction system captures the complex energy pattern of plants in order to transfer its ordering information to the energy centers of our body.

Apart from the synergistic combination of plant extracts, for the activation of each chakra through frequencies spectrum resonance, every Pranalife line product contains essential oils representing its more subtle energy components.


Pranalife Line

 Pranalife 1: Ancestral Energy Stimulant

   Pranalife 2: Favors the adaptation to the processes of hormonal change

   Pranalife 3: Promotes the emotional harmony

 Pranalife 4: Promotes the physical and psychic self-recognition

 Pranalife 5: Stimulates the creativity and the communication

   Pranalife 6: Contributes to the development of intuition

   Pranalife 7: Promotes the integration of the higher mind and the strength of purposes

   Pranalife 1-7-6: Integration and balance of the sense and purpose of life

   Pranalife 2-5-6: Integration and balance between vocation and achievement

 Pranalife 3-4-6: Integration and balance between the self-acceptance and the unconditional love