Testimonials: Los Andes Mountains Chile


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A truly unique experience!

The mountain is beautiful and magical, being so isolated it had it’s challenges but gave me a real sense of freedom I hadn’t felt before. The gifts for me were the time for contemplation and refection, which gave me clarity and a greater connection to self. I feel changed from my time on the mountain, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to reach out of their comfort zone to discover more of themselves. 

Thank you Daniel and Violeta 




‘Travelling into the Andes Mountains with Daniel and Violetta was challenging, enlivening and overwhelmingly inspiring. Returning to Australia, I can still feel the energy of the mountains walking with me. I feel so grateful for having the chance to spend so many remote days in the Andes, it was a quietly sacred experience. I particularly thank Daniel and Violetta for reminding me of the absolute importance of ‘following my heart’…no matter how confronting this may at first seem.’




My time with Daniel and Violeta in Los Andes Mountains was very very very special. I don’t think that words can fully capture my experience. One word comes to mind: Breathtaking…

The land, the energy and the horses brought me to a very special place inside my heart.

Thank you 🙂




My experience by the cordillera was a connection of my senses with the nature, my eyes filled with nature all the time, see things that I had never seen in the sky, in the earth, in the mountains, mineralized water which nature gives you…




The trip to the Cordillera was a totally unique experience which combined spirituality and freedom. A true retreat into the soul, it permitted me to make realisations, decisions and come into touch with my true self. Now, less than a year after the trip, I am still having positive effects and impressions (samskara) as a result of the experience. An unforgettable experience which is one-in-a-lifetime.

Caju Cashoo



During the course of my life I’ve been several times in the Andes Mountains, but this time it feels something completely different, a different kind of attraction toward nature and the place, a very strong connection from my inside, we felt the presence of the Mother Earth’s Kundalini Energy; the journey on horseback toward the interior of the mountains lets you feel how this powerful animal radiates and surrounds you with its powerful energy and accompanies you to your inner journey.

This Shamanic Journey allow you through all the sacred ceremonies that are performed in the middle of the ancestral Andes Mountains and the wonderful nature, the alignment of your bodies, physical, emotional and mental.

I invite everyone to join this spiritual journey, allowing the soul to be manifested, leaving a footprint on the Earth.

Love & Light

Daniel F.



Los Andes Mountains

I did this trip in April 2012, we were blessed with the wonderful weather and beautiful landscapes. On a personal level you don’t realize the growth that a person can get and reflect in this marvelous experience. I would like to thank Daniel and all his staff for making the trip as comfortable as possible.

I highly recommend this spiritual experience.

Kind Regards, Patricio.



“This trip was an extraordinary journey into the pristine wilderness of the Los Andes and my own soul.  Moments spent in this divine place where unlike anything I had experienced before. I made beautiful friends and was guided by the loving leaders of the trip and our magnificent horses to reflect on my true essence and what my soul was really calling for me to express.

The mountains, rivers and wild flowers were breath taking; I have travelled all over the world but must say there is something unique about this place. I feel blessed to have partaken in soul rituals, teachings, labyrinth walking and shamanic ceremonies in this place of heavenly beauty.

Thank you to Daniel and Violeta for such a magical adventure.”

Love Malia